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The Lost Lesbians Blog


We are Kayla and Nicole and we’re out to explore as much as possible.


maitland bay

In this blog we’ll be sharing hidden gems, secret spots, the best hikes, how to’s and just general life travelling as an LGBT couple in Australia.

We are based on the Central Coast NSW. We will share our favourite spots, hikes, swimming holes around the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie & Newcastle.

Don’t fret – whenever we go camping or on a holiday; you can bet you’ll be along for the ride too.


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Central Coast Hikes

Warrumbungle NP

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Hiking/Camping Tips





  • Hiking in the Blue Mountains and Jenonlin
  • Weekend with the fur baby at Wisemans ferry – Read about the trip here
  • Mungo National Park
  • South Coast
  • Barrington Tops
  • Warrumbungle National Park – Check out everything you need to know here

About Us

We’ve been together for almost 4 years after some drunk tinder swiping. After 4 dates and a Halsey concert in the first week of knowing each other we have basically been inseparable ever since.

Kayla is a photographer and runs this page that you are on right now. She spent her young childhood camping and traveling a lot, and this has been something that she has that she has taken into adulthood. 

She has hiked in Thailand, Rwanda, Mexico and Hawaii, as well as solo travelled much of South East Asia and lived in both USA and Canada. Now it’s time to take on Australia and see what our beautiful country has to offer.

Nicole on the other hand is a country girl born and bred, who has always had a love for the outdoors. Her love for camping stems back to the family trips she would do with her grandparents and siblings, but hiking is a new found love introduced by Kayla. She currently has a bucket list a mile long which she is hoping to check off, both on NSW and Australia wide.

Find us on IG and follow our journey.

Donations are greatly appreciated, however not expected.

Your help can help us run this page and let us share more adventures for you to go on!

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